Forget-Me-Not Baskets Board Members


Sara Ringle


"To be able to acknowledge and show compassion to others, in a time that they feel so helpless, gives me purpose.  We will never be able to change the outcome for these families, but my hope is that we change their experience, and that they feel loved."


Kiley McAllister

Vice President

"The Forget-Me-Not Basket meant a great deal to my husband and me when we received ours in the hospital. Being a part of this organization has been a way to honor our son's life and help other families going through the loss of baby."


Julie Keener


I love being involved with FMN because it allows me to assist in the support we provide to families. Even though we may never meet the family or hear their story, each of these babies and their families are so important to us.


Elizabeth Choppie


I love the fact that we can provide comfort to families when they are feeling most alone.


Heather Cunningham


The items we received from Forget-Me-Not Baskets provided an immense amount of comfort to my husband, myself, and our children, when we lost our son. For me, to get involved and give back to others who will go through a loss became so incredibly important.


Becky Yoder

Bereavement Advisor

"I feel blessed to be part of a ministry so needed.  I am honored to serve with such a hardworking board."


Melissa Seifried


I got involved in Forget-Me-Not Baskets because I wanted to find a way to help other families who are going through what we went through.


Rashelle Korbas

Program Coordinator

I know there is nothing that can fix a loss or the death of a baby, but there are things that can bring comfort and remembrance. We have few memories with our son and the Forget-Me-Not Basket items brought us so much comfort.