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Frequently Asked Questions

How do families receive a basket?

Forget-Me-Not Baskets donates items over 55 hospitals and obstetric offices.

Forget-Me-Not Baskets donates bereavement items in bulk, for the hospitals to have on hand.

The nurses and staff deliver the bags and baskets and go through the items with the patients.

Forget-Me-Not Baskets does not come in contact with the patients, unless they reach out to us.

If you would like to gift a basket to someone outside of our area served, you can purchase items through our Online gift shop

Can I sponsor a basket in memory of a loved one?

Yes.  We have multiple items that can be sponsored in memory of a loved one.

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How do I purchase something off of your Amazon Wish List?

We always have needs and your support helps us to offset the cost of those needs.  Check out our Amazon wish list.  If you purchase any of the items off our wish list they will be sent directly to our office.

Thank you for your support.

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Established in 2007 From
A Random Act Of Kindness

Founder Sara Ringle donated a basket of bereavement items to a local hospital. As a young mother herself, she selected items that she thought would be helpful to a mom who experienced a loss during pregnancy or childbirth. Sara donated the basket to Wooster Community Hospital and after the hospital gave away the basket, nurses contacted Sara to request another.

After a short discussion with friends, Sara assembled and donated two more baskets to the hospital. This cycle continued and she identified this need in her community. Since 2007, Forget-Me-Not Baskets® has assembled and donated thousands of baskets and shipped items nationwide.

Forget-Me-Not Baskets® provides grief support items for all family members experiencing a loss during any stage of their pregnancy. Basket items are specifically curated for grief support and offer tangible items of remembrance and comfort.

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