Create A Fundraiser

  • Would you like to donate baskets and bags to a location that is close to your heart?
  • Would you like to donate baskets and bags in memory of a loved one?
  • Would your group like to raise funds to sponsor bags and baskets in your group’s name?

This is an easy, hassle-free way to fundraise.  You create the fundraiser, and we will handle the rest!
All the money will go directly back to Forget-Me-Not Baskets, and we will personally work with you to help you create goals to meet your needs.

Help us to grow and support as many families as we can in 2024!
Create A Fundraiser

No matter if you are fundraising for a location or in memory of a loved one, please consider the following:

  • Do you want to donate to a hospital or obstetrician office
  • What products would you like to donate
  • How many items do you want to donate
  • Do you have a monetary goal or item goal
  • Do you have a contact for your local hospital/OB office
  • Is the location willing to accept your donation

If you want to raise funds for a specific location, you can move forward and start the fundraiser anytime, just set a goal and go!

If you are looking to donate a specific amount of items, please give us a call, so we can determine your goal, to set you up for success. 330-435-6004

Even small acts of kindness, can make a profound difference to somebody else.