Monthly Giving

As we work through our 15th year of service, Forget-Me-Not Baskets® is excited to announce that over 9,000 baskets have been delivered to family members throughout
Ohio and beyond. Forget-Me-Not Baskets® continues to provide bereavement items to family
members who have experienced a loss during pregnancy or childbirth, partnering with more than
60 locations in Ohio.

Our monthly giving campaign helps with things that grants cannot.  It’s the day-today processes that no one really sees that make Forget-Me-Not Baskets a success.

In order to provide bereavement items to over 60 locations we are taking on operating expenses we
have never incurred before. To remain stable during this time, we are looking for reoccurring givers. A reoccurring giver is someone who gives monthly for all the undesignated expenses needed to maintain our office space and the needs that come with running a nonprofit. These needs are not particularly glamorous, but these are the real needs necessary for the success and future of Forget-Me-Not Baskets®.

Your donations provide what grants cannot.

You can become a reoccurring giver for as little as $5 per month. Don’t like to give monthly? One time donations are always accepted. Monthly donations are simple. Click on the “give monthly” logo to sign up. Thank you for your support.