Forget-Me Not Baskets® provides bereavement bags and baskets for families who have experienced a loss during pregnancy, birth or shortly after birth. We supply bereavement items to 25 locations in the Northeast Ohio area. We have donated over 4,800 bereavement bags over the past 12 years. We are looking to expand our efforts and support more families throughout Ohio and beyond. To support our growth, we have developed a sponsorship program.

You can now sponsor a late loss basket, early loss bag, dad’s bag or a single item in memory of a loved one.  Your loved one’s name will be placed with the item that is being donated.

Sponsorship Items Available

Sponsor A Large Basket

Sponsor An Elephant

Sponsor An Early Loss Bag

Sponsor A Sibling Elephant

Sponsorship - Available Events

2020 Zumbathon

2020 Bunco Night

Elephant Run & 5K

Sponsorship Available – Location

If you would like to provide Forget-Me-Not Baskets® items to your local hospital, any person or organization can sponsor this effort.
Download the form for details and steps to help.